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The ill-treatment aboard the

Captain Morgan ships must be stopped at once!


Joint Civil Society Statement


We are disgusted at the situation of over 160 men detained on the Captain Morgan ships, some for more than three weeks. In detaining them out at sea, Malta is denying them basic human rights, dignity and voice. The human body and the human spirit can only endure so much. These young men have been exposed to too much trauma, we fear their physical and mental wellbeing will deteriorate fast. Malta is responsible for their ongoing detention out at sea and for the conditions they are forced to endure. We remind the authorities that these are compounded by the psychological distress that they would have been forced to endure in the past weeks and months throughout their journey, including the violence that they would have been exposed to in Libya. 

Resorting to a hunger strike is an act of desperation, a final act, and the only course of action available to them. They have no control over the situation, their lives are quite literally in the hands of the Government. They are using their bodies, the only resource they have limited control over, to convey a message. To remind the politicians of their legal and moral responsibilities and perhaps also to speak to their conscience. To convey a message to Malta, as a nation, in the hope that we might remember their very presence, recognize and acknowledge their plight, and be the voice that they have been denied.

We call upon the Government to immediately put an end to this ill-treatment, to provide them with the medical and psychological care that they urgently need, and to let them in. Furthermore, in acknowledgement of the European Union’s duty to act in solidarity with Member States and refugees, we strongly urge the EU institutions to assist Malta in finding a solution to this terrible incident.


20 May 2020

Statement of:

  1. aditus foundation
  2. African Media Association Malta
  3. Anti-Poverty Forum Malta
  4. Association for Justice, Equality and Peace
  5. Blue Door English
  6. Catholic Voices Malta
  7. The Critical Institute
  8. The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation
  9. Dar Hosea
  10. Dar tal-Providenza
  11. Integra Foundation
  12. Jesuit Refugee Service Malta
  13. Justice and Peace Commission
  14. KOPIN
  15. Malta Emigrants’ Commission
  16. MGRM
  17. Migrant Women Association Malta
  18. Moviment Graffitti
  19. Office of the Dean – Faculty for Social Wellbeing
  20. Repubblika
  21. Salesjani Dar Osanna Pia
  22. Segretarjat Assistanza Soċjali tal-Azzjoni Kattolika Maltija
  23. Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Malta
  24. SOS Malta
  25. St. Jeanne Antide Foundation
  26. Spark15
  27. Women’s Rights Foundation
  28. Youth Alive Foundation






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Violet Support Online Service is part of the GBV-SO project, funded by the European Union (EU) DG Justice Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, a partnership between Solidarity and Overseas Service Malta (SOS Malta), Victim Support Malta, CORE Platform, Commission on Gender-Based Violence & Domestic Violence and Advenio eAcademy.




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The overal TReP objective is to create a course that will be conducted entirely online in restorative practice for a Level 5 Undergraduate Certificate and recognized throughout Europe via the Bologna Process. The aim of the course is to train the relevant professional in the theory and the use of restorative practices. More information about the project you can find here.







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