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Erasmus TReP – Professional Training in Restorative Practices – The Conclusion of a 3 year journey


On 30 November 2021, the transnational team behind the Erasmus Project TReP concluded a challenging and very rewarding 3 years of work towards developing and piloting a Level 5 European (EQF) accredited online course in Restorative Practices – the first of its kind in Europe.


The course ‘MCAST Undergraduate Certificate in Restorative Practices’ - an Award in Restorative Practices, delivered in English, was the first ever attempt to provide a European-wide accredited online course in the field,  a unique opportunity and important move in the area.

The aim behind the creation of such a course, was to provide professionals with additional tools ​and skills to develop restorative ​responses to conflict,  minimise the occurrence of aggressive, violent, bullying and other harmful behaviours and establish the social capital required to maintain effective and positive communities.


In order to ensure that the pilot course met the needs of the direct and indirect target groups, extensive background research was conducted and a regional report produced. This research guided the course structure and design which is comprised of a blend of theory and practical, self study, live tutorials and peer practice. The human element (peer groups / tutorials) of the online interactive course was crucial to the success of the pilot considering the topic is fundamentally about relationships.


The piloting took place over the course of 10 months (January – October 2021) and saw a learner cohort from 7 countries with diverse professional backgrounds.   It provided a unique opportunity to test and assess the strengths of the course as well as to highlight what needs improving so as to ensure that the final course design and materials offers learners throughout Europe a high quality, relevant and easy to use course.


Now that the course has been completed, an ‘Evaluation Report’ as well as the ‘Final Report’ tracing project development have been produced.


For access to information about the project and the reports produced you may visit the SOS Malta: webpage : www.sosmalta.org/trep


TReP is a project implemented by a transnational partnership established between SOS Malta, The Childhood Development Initiative (CDI), Partner Bulgaria Foundation, SGM Solutions & Global Media GmbH, Malta College of Arts Science and Technology and Brainshuttle.











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